The Penguins face almost certain changes this offseason. Who should be fired? Which players need to be part of the team going forward? Matt, Casey and Adam discuss those topics and more.


Adam Hoerner from the PIHL Power Play talks high school hockey, including a "Brooks Orpik scenario" during a recent game. Matt Carlins also gets Horn's thoughts on Kris Letang's stroke and the Pens missing Pascal Dupuis. Then, we get into the really juicy stuff. Horn explains why he's just not that into Olympic hockey. Plus, could Olympic TV analysts be lying to us? Do we need more live sports on TV in the morning? Finally, Horn gushes over the "24" teaser during the Super Bowl.

Spanning The Globe

We're back! Matt Carlins and Casey Shea have a packed new episode. We talk about Kris Letang's stroke. Casey talks about how Jeff Zatkoff has made Matt look like a fool. We discuss who will play alongside Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz in Sochi. We get into even more Winter Olympics talk, from curling to speed skating to ski jumping to cross country skiing. We even talk some English Premier League and Casey's beloved Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams. NHL Unlocked: Truly spanning the globe!

Buffalo Blues

These are dark times for the Buffalo Sabres and their fans. A once proud franchise is descending into disgrace. On this edition of NHL Unlocked, host Matt Carlins and Casey Shea talk with Matt's cousin Chris, who lives in Buffalo. Chris tells us what fans are saying about Sabres players, management and even the owner. We even sneak in a few words about the Bills. It's the best of Buffalo - minus the wings.

The Skating Dead

Despite a growing list of injured players, the Penguins keep trudging along like a hoard of determined zombies. Which player is missed the most? Is Marc-Andre Fleury's hot start a sign of real change in his play? How good is Kris Letang since he returned from injury? Matt Carlins, Adam Hoerner and Casey Shea discuss those topics and more. Plus, we have a TK vs. Adams & Glass Scoring Race update. Listen and enjoy!

Would Mario Lemieux dominate the NHL if he were in his prime today? Could Sidney Crosby thrive in the "Clutch And Grab" era? Matt Carlins, Adam Hoerner and Casey Shea tackle those tough questions and the evolution of professional hockey in this special mid-week edition of NHL Unlocked.

It looks like rookie defenseman Olli Maata will be staying in Pittsburgh, but that means new salary cap problems for the Penguins. Does another player have to be traded? Who should that be? Also in this episode, Matt, Casey and Adam discuss the mess that is the 2013-14 edition of the Philadelphia Flyers. Plus, a heartfelt and tearjerking tribute to the newly-retired Marty "French Toast" Biron. Listen, enjoy and share your thoughts with an email to nhlunlocked@gmail.com.

Casey Shea and Adam Hoerner have some thoughts on the new NHL 14 video game (featuring Casey's all-time favorite athlete on the cover), and they're not all good. They talk about what works and what doesn't. Plus, host Matt Carlins even chimes in with some memories of the ultimate sports gaming classic, NHL '94.

Why did Craig Adams and Ryan Malone fight? What happens if Jeff Zatkoff's play doesn't improve? Matt Carlins, Casey Shea and Adam Hoerner tackle those questions and more in the first NHL Unlocked of the new season. Plus, a look at Tyler Kennedy's first games with San Jose.

Hear us talk about Thomas Hertl in the extended edition of this podcast at soundcloud.com/nhlunlocked.